We are excited to share all the advancements in denture treatment. Let’s talk about implants to support your dentures or a traditional removable partial denture to stabilize a space in your mouth. There are many ways to achieve the result you want with optimized denture treatment

New dental materials offer a greatly improved cosmetic appearance. Denture teeth now reflect light much like natural teeth and denture base material is stronger and more accurate than material from even ten years ago. New tooth forms allow flexibility to create a natural looking smile or a Hollywood appearance. Whatever you choose, our patients have the opportunity to try in their dentures before final processing.   Our experience equals your confidence. As with all of our care, the materials and methods we recommend are tested and proven to provide reliable results.

Dentures , often called removable prosthetics , are divided into two main categories: complete dentures and partial dentures. If you are missing many teeth, we may recommend dentures or partials.

Complete dentures are designed to replace the teeth in an entire arch when all the teeth are missing. Partial dentures are used when there are still teeth present in the arch.

Complete and partial dentures can provide patients with a functional replacement when teeth have been lost. Complete dentures consist of an acrylic base to imitate gum tissue, and the teeth that can be made of acrylic or porcelain. The denture base is made to closely fit the contours of the arch to ensure the denture is stable during normal oral functions such as eating, speaking, or swallowing.

Partial dentures can be made with a metal framework that has acrylic base and teeth attached in the areas where the teeth are missing. The metal framework also has clasps or arms that extend out and fit around some of the existing teeth. The combination of the acrylic base and the arms that wrap around some of the teeth keep the partial denture stable during normal oral functions.

There are a lot of indications for the patients wearing dentures in order to maintain the health of oral tissues. The dentist will provide all necessary information for patient education. These prosthetics can be fixed or removable, and with modern dental materials, they look totally natural.

Dr. Haberman has experience teaching dentures to students at UB Dental School for the past 25 years. This gives her the confidence to manage even the most challenging of cases.