Bonding is the technique we use to fix a tooth with a tooth colored material. This can refer to a filling in the front or back teeth. It can also mean using tooth colored materials to fix the shape and/or color of teeth. We call this material composite. Our newest composites blend in with the natural color of teeth and also reflect light in the same way. We have a variety of shades and types of composite so that we can select the best one for you. “Fifty Shades of White!”

The composite material starts out like a tooth paste and once it is placed we use a special light to harden the material so you can use it like a natural tooth.

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Bonding is completed in a single visit and is best for small defects in the teeth: chips, small cavities, gaps in between teeth. It can be a less expensive alternative to crowns or veneers. Over time (3-5 years) bonding occasionally needs touch-up polishing.