Our practice offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options to provide each patient with individual dental care to achieve our goal of improving or maintaining the appearance of your smile.

Tooth Anatomy


We love veneers to help our patients get the whiter, straighter, stronger smile that they want.

Veneers are thin coverings that are securely attached to teeth to improve the appearance of the front teeth. They are just a bit thicker than a contact lens and are cemented to the front of the tooth like an artificial fingernail but much stronger!

(Minimum intervention in restorative dentistry with V-shaped facial and palatal ceramic veneers.Furuse AY1, Soares JV2, Cunali RS3, Gonzaga CC4.http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26774321#)

A ceramic material is used so a veneer looks very natural. They are custom made and we usually have the laboratory create a model of the changes we want to make to be sure they will function and look great.

Veneers are usually considered a cosmetic procedure and may not be covered by dental benefit programs. We work with all of our patients to make the best financial arrangements for each person.

Teeth Whitening

Research has demonstrated that dentist approved whitening is safe for you and for your teeth.

(Effects of Crest Whitestrips bleaching on subsurface microhardness and ultrastructure of tooth enamel and coronal dentin. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15241902#)

We know that you want the whitest, healthiest smile you can have. There are three types of tooth whitening that we recommend

  1. Custom Home Whitening: This is by far the best way to achieve good results. All the academic research proves that this type of whitening will give you the optimum results. Custom molds are made of your teeth and thin plastic trays are fabricated to precisely fit over your teeth. A gel is placed inside the trays and they are worn for a period of time, usually overnight. You control the amount of whitening you achieve by how long you wear the trays from a few nights to a few weeks. You then have the trays to touch up when you need to.
  2. Over-the- Counter Products: There are specific products that have been proven to work for moderate whitening needs. Please ask us what we recommend and what we do not!
  3. In- Office Whitening – Our in-office system is used to “jump start” more serious whitening needs. Most patients follow up with a home treatment to achieve optimum results.

Let us help you select the best method for you.